Wind power will arrive in Boyacá in 2021

Four wind energy projects are part of a technological commitment that will be advanced by a French company.
By 2021, the arrival of wind power in Boyacá is planned, following the announcement of the completion of four solar projects by the French company Green Yellow Energy.

The purpose of the company is to consolidate the municipalities of Soracá, Oicatá, Tunja and Arcabuco, according to Rodolphe Damiane, general director of Green Yellow Energy for Colombia.
It is estimated that the initiative will have an investment of 45 million dollars in Boyacá, while approximately 150 million dollars will be invested nationwide. For now, the project is in the feasibility and licensing phase, according to the corporate spokesperson.

With regard to Boyacá, to choose these municipalities, it was taken into account that high levels of solar irradiation are recorded in these, according to the results, based on measurements in 26 weather stations, three of the Autonomous Corporations and 23 of the Ideam; as well as the availability of land, to develop futuristic photovoltaic projects.

According to experts, in this jurisdiction exceptional conditions are given to deliver the energy to the system, since the transmission infrastructure is ready, and only small investments are required to deliver the generated power to the community.

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In the coming days, the announcements of the regulatory entities and other companies that have expressed their interest in making investments will be known, through projects of these characteristics in different areas of the department of Boyacá.

It should be noted that according to the expectations of experts in this area, the country has enormous potential to develop non-conventional renewable energies, especially due to the urgent need to complement the electrical matrix and strengthen it to make it more reliable, safe and competitive.Enviar comentariosHistorialGuardadas