ENERCON expands Management team

ENERCON is restructuring its company management. In future, four members of Management will support Managing Director Hans-Dieter Kettwig at the level of holding company UEE Holding. They are all qualified experts with many years of management experience in the energy industry, both at ENERCON and at other leading technological industrial companies. Hans-Dieter Kettwig will take on the role of Head of Management.

The reorganisation of Management will ensure ENERCON is in an even better position to meet the highly dynamic current and future requirements linked with the company’s increased international focus. The wheels were set in motion for creating a new orientation for business operations months ago. The Management reorganisation will support and speed up this process and the associated changes in the company. The new Management structure will allow ENERCON to act even more quickly and effectively when tapping new markets and business segments.

The new Management structure is divided into four functional areas. In addition to longstanding ENERCON Managing Director Hans-Dieter Kettwig as Head, the new Management team will be made up of Jost Backhaus, Jörg Scholle, Dr Thomas Cobet and Momme Janssen. Jost Backhaus has worked in responsible positions at ENERCON for many years, most recently in Production Management. He will be responsible for the operational units. Jörg Scholle will be responsible for the technological developments area. He has many years of experience in the wind energy industry and possesses outstanding technological expertise. Dr Thomas Cobet also brings many years of management experience in the wind energy industry to the table. He will be responsible for financial matters at ENERCON. Until now, Momme Janssen worked as HR Manager at ENERCON. In the new managerial structure, he will bundle human resources together with other areas relevant for the company’s new orientation. Last but not least, a role will also be created at Management level that will integrate all of the activities involved in ENERCON’s reorientation. The holder of the position will combine and advance these activities.

‘We are confident that this Management team will ensure ENERCON can deal with the challenges that come with its new focus on international markets and on tapping into new business segments. They are jobs that demand a lot of responsibility in a highly dynamic environment and require all the support possible’, says Heiko Janssen. Chairman of the Board of the Aloys Wobben Stiftung. The Aloys Wobben Stiftung trust is the sole shareholder of ENERCON and all of the companies that belong to it.