New Job Possibilities in Wind power with the First Wind Academy

The range of new professionals connected to renewable energy is expanding: the first training course for certified wind farm maintenance workers starts October in Rome.

A sustainable future means a future with a new range of job opportunities, since human energy and renewable energy need each other. By 2030, jobs created worldwide by the green economy will increase to 18 million: an increase of almost 80% compared to the 10.3 ensured by the 2018 Renewable Energy and Jobs report.

Italy, thanks to the support of Enel Green Power, is in the front lines for the training of new professional figures connected to renewables. This is a new opportunity to diversify and expand the country’s job portfolio, especially for young people, for whom the unemployment rate on the Italian Peninsula remains the continent’s highest, after Greece and Spain.

The Rome Wind Academy: New Professional Figures for Wind

Wind energy is bringing about many opportunities for specialization and employment. This is why Enel Green Power has committed to the project of Rome’s ELIS Center to found the first “Wind Academy”, a program to train new technicians in wind plant maintenance, in order to respond to the growing demand for these professional figures.

In October 2019, the training course for “Certified Wind Farm Maintenance Workers” will begin. Lessons will involve two levels of training – for junior technicians in their first experience or for retraining senior technicians – and is meant for high school graduates between 19 and 30. This complete program will range from electrical engineering and hydraulics to mechanics and personal development.

Future wind professionals will learn the principles of wind plant operation and maintenance. They will become familiar with speed multipliers, composite materials and wind turbines, and will have the chance to pilot drones, in order to perform non-invasive analysis on plant health status.

As part of the course, students will get GWO certifications (Global Wind Organization) for work at heights, first aid, fire safety and load handling. The program is sponsored by Enel Green Power, IVPC, ERG, E2I, and E.ON, with the support of Elettricità Futura, ANEV Associazione Nazionale Energia del Wind, and the active collaboration of the OTI Group.

Enel Green Power’s Global Commitment

Enel Green Power’s goal, in Italy and all the 29 countries around the world where we work, is to create a new generation of leaders in the energy sector, providing high-profile training to high school and college graduates and combining vertical disciplinary knowledge in the energy field, from technical and regulatory aspects to more operational aspects.

EGP’s energy is coloring the world green. The green economyis the guiding light of our commitment: a commitment that goes along with technological innovation, energy efficiency and contributing to the development and sustainable growth of future generations.