Tamaulipas, with more wind power

The Thermion company will begin the construction of two wind energy plants in Tamaulipas, which will be located in Reynosa.

One of the wind farms is called Delaro wind farm and will have a wind turbines capacity of 117 MW and will begin construction this year; The second wind power project will be called Los Molinos and will have a capacity of 171 MW and will begin construction in 2020.

“We share the holistic vision that the governor of Tamaulipas has, especially in the energy part and appreciate his efforts to carry out the hand, not only projects with economic impact, but also be reflected in the social part,” said Xiomara Martín, director of Marketing of the company, and highlighted the integral model of economic development of Tamaulipas, with which it seeks to grow, be sustainable and generate well-being.

The state of Tamaulipas has a potential that is equivalent to 38 percent of the effective capacity of electric power generation of the country, in the entity already eight wind farms distributed in Reynosa, Victoria, Güémez, Llera and Casas, with a thousand generation capacity MW

In addition, four more wind farms are under construction in Güémez, Llera and Casas, with a capacity of 562 MW.