Wind energy in the Dominican Republic: finance wind farm

With 20 million dollars of the pension funds, the Caribbean Wind Farm (PECASA) will be financed, which will have a generation capacity of 50 megawatts that will be contributed to the national electricity system.
The information was provided by Kirsis Jáquez, president of the Dominican Association of Pension Funds (ADAFP), who explained that this investment shows that the resources of the workers managed by that entity are generating competitiveness.
He also said that this investment demonstrates the interest of diversifying pension funds towards areas of the real economy.
“With this investment, pension funds are contributing to diversify the country’s electricity matrix, with alternatives that do not affect the environment and are much more efficient in terms of production costs,” said Jáquez.
“In this case, pension funds are committed to development with electricity generation projects, and cheaper energy that reduces dependence on fossil fuels,” he said.

The financing of the PECASA wind farm also includes the International Financial Corporation, Canada Change Program IFC, Proparco EF, a subsidiary of the French Development Agency, and the German Investment Corporation.