GWEC launches Policy Pulse on Brazil wind power

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has launched a Policy Pulse report on Brazil, which provides qualitative analysis of the political and macroeconomic headwinds steering the wind sector and the measures needed to unlock greater wind power potential.

With 15.1 GW of wind power, Brazil is the most advanced wind market in Latin America. Since the de-contraction auction held in 2017 – the first such exercise in wind power markets worldwide – five rounds of auctions have demonstrated strong interest in wind power development in Brazil, with competition and pent-up demand driving prices down to record lows. Free-market PPAs are also driving capacity, alongside the regulated market.

Wind power growth in Brazil is on-track to continue steadily through 2023. This report discusses:

  • Energy policy under the first six months of President Jair Bolsonaro;
  • The future pipeline of renewable energy, tempered by the government’s timeline to build out transmission infrastructure;
  • Regulated and free-market PPAs driving wind power development;
  • Shifts in sources of financing for wind power projects; and,
  • The promise of offshore wind in Brazil.

Despite challenging macroeconomic conditions and the distracting tumult of national politics, confidence has returned to Brazil’s financial sector and investors remain cautiously optimistic about renewables and wind power.

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The report on Brazil follows a Q3 2019 Policy Pulse on Argentina and a Q2 2019 Policy Pulse on Taiwan, both of which focused on renewable energy policy amid upcoming elections. Policy Pulse reports take a deep dive into the political and macroeconomic context of the wind sector, providing vital insights into energy policy direction and regulatory pressure points. Each report provides a must-read overview of the wind sector over the course of 15-20 pages, featuring up-to-date infographics, market forecasts and bullet-point summaries. Upcoming reports in 2019 will cover the market in Vietnam and more.

Policy Pulse and other reports are available in the Members Area, which provides in-depth market intelligence to GWEC’s members and their employees. Other available materials in the Members Area include statistics and market data, growth forecasts and market outlooks, country profiles and insights from GWEC’s Task Forces and Committees.