Wind power, an opportunity for Mexico

Faced with climate change and an environmental scenario on alert, wind power has gained strength as a viable and clean alternative for electricity generation, a sector that in Mexico represents an area of ??opportunity that drives greater economic growth.

An investigation by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Ortega y Gasset Institute in Spain, indicates that by 2030, the wind farm capacity in the world will be one million 479 thousand 767 megawatts (1,479,767 MW), with Annual investments of 102 billion euros and a generation of more than 1.5 million jobs.

Today, the supply of renewable energy in Latin America is 29 percent of total primary energy.

Wind energy in Mexico is still an area of ??opportunity, since by promoting this type of energy there will be greater economic growth and increase national employability.

According to the aforementioned research, entitled “The wind energy sector in Mexico and Spain”, Mexico has installed wind turbines in wind farms through technological importation and privileged the growth of infrastructure with a low impact on the value chain.

In the case of Spain, wind energy is reflected in 124 economic activities and in the generation of more than 20 thousand jobs. In Mexico, the installation of wind farms has created four thousand 700 direct jobs, four thousand 900 indirect and 300 operational, but the impact is limited to the manufacture of some products.

Juan Olivares, Marketing Director of Prysmian Group in Mexico, warns suppliers, integrators, builders and users to bet on high performance cables, quality, durability and high reliability, because infrastructure is the basis of good energy use and, on everything, the engine of growth of the wind sector.

“We have heard about the cities of the future represented by wind turbines and solar panels as a symbol of sustainability. Today, wind energy is experiencing tremendous growth, and in the coming decades it will be the energy source with the most momentum in the world, ”said Olivares.

The group’s manager, specialist in solutions focused on renewable energy and sustainable sources, estimated that Mexico is in a good moment to develop the sector, taking into account that it is one of the most active countries in Latin America.

Figures from the Ministry of Economy indicate that Mexico has increased its wind infrastructure by 300 percent and, if this trend continues, in 2024 43 percent of electricity generation will be through clean energy, and by 2030 the country would generate up to 46 percent of your electricity.