Wind energy technology facilitates craneless blade exchange – Blade Skylark by Liftra

Once again, the potential of craneless systems was demonstrated when Liftra introduced their latest technology for exchanging blades & blade bearings – the Blade Skylark.

Liftra is a Danish based company that excel in design and manufacturing of craneless tools for big (and small) correctives. Their product range include the ground-breaking LT1000 and LT1200 Self-Hoisting Cranes that enable craneless exchange of major components, with a weight of up to 78 ton.

The working principle of the Blade Skylark is as simple as it is effective. The tool is a clamping device that holds the blade at the Center of Gravity where is can rotate it 90 degrees for vertical installation, or for lowering the blade to a horizontal position for support on the ground.

Being able to rotate blades for vertical installation challenges the old ways of exchanging blades mainly from a horizontal position. Not only does this facilitate craneless blade exchange, it also provides a more cost-effective solution when using conventional cranes, as the required hook height for the operation is lowered.

Another main advantage of the Blade Skylark is its flexibility. By using a simple adapter, it can be configured to support multiple blade types.

The Blade Skylark is designed for both onshore & offshore use, and can be operated in wind conditions of up to 12 m/s. The default lifting capacity is 12 tons, however it is possible to increase this if needed. The first Blade Skylark was delivered to a customer in Japan, and at least 2 more units are expected to be delivered this year.