Wind energy in Argentina: wind farms in Anguil and Guatraché

The Secretary of Energy of the Nation opened the envelopes yesterday with the economic offers received in the framework of “Round 3 – MiniRen” of the RenovAr program, a national operation that seeks to add renewable energy to the Argentina energy matrix.

Among the 52 projects received and pre-adjudicated, two contemplate investments in wind energy in our province. The bids that are awarded will be announced on Monday 22.
The proposals for La Pampa of this third call of the RenovAr program contemplate investments in wind farms in Guatraché and in Anguil, according to Annex I of the Disposition of Cammesa (Company Administrator of the Wholesale Energy Market Corporation) that detailed the initiatives that exceeded the first selection.
In both cases, the proposals would incorporate 12.9 megawatts of wind power to the power generation capacity.

In the case of Guatraché, the benefit granted by Nation amounts to 5.5 million dollars, at a rate of 426,433 dollars per installed megawatt.
For Anguil, the benefit amounts to 6.28 million dollars, at a rate of 487.104 dollars per megawatt.
Should any of them be selected, the two wind farms already existing and operating in the province would be incorporated: the Roberto Zamora wind farm, the General Acha Services Cooperative, with two wind turbines in operation, and the La Banderita wind farm, nearby to that, with 11 wind turbines in march and inaugurated at the beginning of this year.

The award will be on Monday 22 and to accept all proposals received, will add 323.4 megawatts of power to the national system, with a total investment of 462 million dollars. Round 3 has the characteristic of taking advantage of the capacities available in the medium and low voltage networks of the distributors.
The Round also offered the possibility of participating in the call to non-traditional actors in the energy sector, increasing the number of companies that generate energy from non-renewable sources.
In fact, there were a total of 31 companies that submitted offers, of which 23 are participating for the first time in a tender for the generation of renewable energy, according to a complete report published by the newspaper “El Cronista”.
The energy sources contemplated in this call were: wind, solar photovoltaic, biogas, biomass, landfill biogas and small hydroelectric uses.