Wind energy in Belarus: first wind farm

The Turkish company Guris Construction Engineering Company (Güri? ?n?aat ve Mühendislik A.?.) will build Belarus’ largest wind farm, the press service of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) told BelTA after an electronic auction to sell the pre-investment asset for building the wind farm. 

With one bidder registered, the asset was sold at the initial price plus 5% – Br155,400. The Turkish company now has the right to build a wind farm with the total installed capacity of 25MW and the annual output of 72GW in Liozno District, Vitebsk Oblast. Guris Construction Engineering Company specializes in green energy projects. 

The Turkish investor now has to cover the cost of organizing the auction within ten business days after the auction results protocol is approved and sign the real estate purchase contract within five business days.