Wind energy in Texas: Nordex 100 wind turbines for Engie’e wind farm

Nordex has signed a contract with the North American subsidiary of the French energy group Engie S.A. to supply and install 100 wind turbines of the AW3000 series. The wind power project will use the AW140/3000 on an 82 meter tower, which represents the largest swept area wind turbine available in the marketplace with a tip height below 500 feet. 

The wind turbines are to be delivered in 2020 and installed in the 300 MW “Prairie Hill” wind farm, near to the town of Mart in Texas.

“We are pleased to be working with a new and important international customer, Engie, and we are bringing technology to the table that enables the lowest cost of energy solution, one which is perfectly suited to the conditions of their Texas project,” says Patxi Landa, CSO of the Nordex Group.