Wind energy in Guadeloupe: Renews Wind Farm

Authorities of the archipelago of Guadeloupe together with the company Quadran Caraïbes renew the wind farm of Montagne on the island La vista with the production of clean energy.

The newspaper FAGuadeloupe now emphasizes that in the process the old wind turbines were replaced by more efficient ones with masts of 45 meters and blades of 22 meters.

The operation, at a cost of 19 million euros, will triple the production of the wind power plant, which will reach 15 GWh, five times more than the island needs.

In addition, La Desirade will export to the entire archipelago a large part of the electricity they produce.

The operation has a component of regional economic development, which is fully in line with the multi-annual energy program which aims to achieve 50 percent of electricity from renewable sources next year, and energy autonomy by 2030.

The route is the first island of the archipelago that has autonomy from this point of view.

The governor, Philippe Gustin, said that this island has always been a pioneer in green energy, with a first wind book in 1992, followed by a second in the early 2000s.

Wind energy is increasingly used mainly to produce electricity through wind turbines connected to large distribution networks and is considered a cheaper and more competitive source than other conventional ones.