Nordex and FAdeA celebrate official opening of a wind turbines production plant in Córdoba, Argentina

During the official ceremony, attended by the Argentinian president Mauricio Macri, national and provincial authorities, and representatives from the world of business, Nordex Group and FAdeA celebrated the official opening of the Argentinian production plant in Córdoba on June 5th, 2019.   The agreement between Nordex Group and FAdeA for the construction of a local assembly line was concluded in December 2018, and the production facility was set in record time. Production began in mid-April and the first AW132/3300 nacelles for projects for the power utility AES Generación S.A. have already left the production line.   This factory positions the Nordex Group as a local supplier in a booming wind market with good wind conditions. The nacelles and hubs assembly shop has been designed for an annual capacity of up to 500 MW. The Nordex Group is also setting up three local production plants for concrete towers, through its subcontractors. This allows the Nordex Group to supply wind turbines, which qualify as fully local, entitling its clients to significant tax benefits, and thus reducing the cost of energy.   Said José Luis Blanco, CEO of the Nordex Group: “As an international company, local-level manufacturing close to our sales regions is an essential element of our expansion strategy. To date, we have had great success in Argentina, as shown by orders for more than 600 MW in the last two years. Argentina has some of the best wind resources in the world and it is well positioned to become a major wind power market. Wind turbines within the multi-megawatt range, in which this plant has specialized, will play a key role in this surge.”   The factory in Córdoba will employ up to 100 specialists, plus a further 200 employees in each of the concrete tower plants.   Antonio Beltramone, president of FAdeA remarked, “This plant is a new proof that transparency, commitment and teamwork can reverse the worst case scenarios. Only 8 months ago, this place was an abandoned scrap heap. Thanks to the confidence of Nordex and the support of many people, we have now a plant with the latest technology.” And added “Today FAdeA offers the greatest diversity of services in its history, it has never had such diverse list of capabilities. Having in FAdeA the first production plant for wind energy of Córdoba is an honor. Once again FAdeA is a vital source for industrial prosperity.”   Fábrica Argentina de Aviones “Brig. San Martin“ S.A – a profile FAdeA is a listed company under the auspices of the Argentinian Ministry of Defense and has more than 90 years of experience in aviation technology. The company has been strategically realigned and operates in new areas of international business with industrial partners from the civil and military segment. These now include renewable energy in a aim to diversify its activities.