Vietnam promotes the development of renewable energies

In order to meet the growing demand for electricity in Vietnam, it is expected that alternative sources such as wind energy and solar power will be the future for the energy sector in the Indochinese country in the coming years.

Currently, by investing in industries and increasing the population, the coverage of electricity demand is a challenge.

Energy production depends more and more on fossil fuels, which are almost exhausted. Therefore, the use of renewable resources is considered an efficient measure that has already been adopted by several countries.

With a population of more than 95 million inhabitants, an increase in electricity production from 47 thousand megawatts this year to 60 thousand in 2020 is predicted in Vietnam, and almost 130 thousand by 2030.

In the opinion of experts, the direction of the electricity sector of the Southeast Asian country in the next 10 years will focus on renewable energies, given the Vietnamese potential in terms of wind power, solar energy and biomass resources.

According to research, the total capacity of wind turbines in Vietnam can range between 7000 and 8700 megawatts, concentrated mainly in the coastal areas of the center, in the south, the western plateau and on the islands.

With some 2,500 hours of sunlight a year, Vietnam has many possibilities to exploit solar energy and use it for different purposes.