Wind power in Mexico will create 35,000 jobs

The president of the Mexican Association of the Wind Energy Industry (Amdee), Leopoldo Rodríguez Olivé, estimated that at the end of the six-year term at least 35,000 jobs could be created in the sector if the goal of tripling the installed capacity of this energy in the country.

The industry representative told Notimex in an interview that wind technology not only prevents the generation of electricity from sources that burn fossil fuels and impact on climate change, but contributes to sovereignty and energy security, as well as the creation of jobs .

“In addition to the benefits of wind technology development in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and therefore climate change, technological diversification and how it is generated from a resource that is available in the country contributes to sovereignty and energy security and generates jobs, “he said.

He explained that the country can spend in this six years of generating, with energy via this renewable source, 5 thousand megawatts with which it closed in 2018 to about 15 thousand in the year 2024, that is, about 10 thousand megawatts more, which it would imply an investment of between 12 thousand and 14 thousand million dollars.

“This size is the opportunity for Mexico, it is very immediate if we know how to take advantage of it and the reality is that with all the technological advances that we have seen as potential, it could even double,” he said.

He explained that there are currently projects operating in 13 states of the country, where the generation of this energy is relatively recent, since large-scale began 12 years ago in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca and has progressed gradually.

“We thought that we would soon have projects in 18 different states and the areas that undoubtedly have the most potential are the northeast, the south and some central areas. I am talking about the end of this administration, it is not a remote development that can materialize “, I trust.

He indicated that the investment for these projects depends on the models in which the public and private sectors could participate, this after the Federal Electricity Commission announced in the past days that it will not return to the energy auction that was the scheme for the purchase of this one.

“The challenge is so great that we probably think that the public-private collaboration that the President of the Republic has called is convenient; We believe that it is very convenient to collaborate in this, “he said.

He explained that in this short history of this renewable energy in the country of only a dozen years, the CFE has participated directly in some projects with investment and also through tenders or auction processes as a buyer of energy at prices very low.

Rodriguez Olivé said that currently there are about 2 thousand 500 wind turbines or wind turbines in Mexico and that the first technologies were projected to 20 years and now they are to 30 years.

Also that at the beginning they were of small dimensions and as time has passed, they have been installed increasingly larger and with greater generation capacity.

He said that Mexico can scale in the development of this technology with a parts industry, because several countries such as Denmark, Spain, the United States and India take us great advantage in the manufacture of the machines.

He commented that this industry has had a great technological development in recent years, which has allowed the digitalization of the equipment to have daily and instantaneous information data of these for decision making and analysis to solve problems.

Moreover, he said, to maximize production and increase the reliability of the machines that in the 10 years passed from a 90 to 92 percent generation availability when there is 97 and 98 percent wind and sometimes up to 99 percent, as well as lower the costs of it.