Joyce Lee joins Global Wind Energy Council as Policy and Operations Director

Joyce Lee has joined the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) as Policy and Operations Director, contributing to GWEC’s growing market intelligence team. Joyce is experienced in political risk analysis and strategic investigations in Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia, and has managed a number of complex multi-jurisdictional investigations. She has completed numerous policy-focused stakeholder-mapping exercises, including for large international energy companies.

GWEC CEO Ben Backwell said: “We are thrilled to welcome someone with Joyce’s skill set on board the GWEC team. Her expertise and experience will provide invaluable information for our members as we look to take the wind industry global into new and exciting emerging markets”.

Prior to joining GWEC, Joyce was a senior consultant at FTI Consulting’s Global Risk and Investigations Practice (GRIP), based in London. She previously performed political risk analysis for the Asia-Pacific region at Aegis Advisory in London, and worked at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Beijing. She was also an editor and journalist for a number of international media outlets, including Forbes, Qatar Today and The Diplomat.

Joyce will now bring her skills to GWEC to provide the political knowledge the industry needs to take wind energy to the next level.

Joyce commented: “This is an exciting era for the wind industry, and I am looking forward to being part of its growth in the energy transition. At a time when governments across the world are adapting their energy policies to address climate change and economic opportunities, I will be working to ensure that GWEC can provide guidance to the industry to navigate political obstacles in new markets and shift towards an efficient renewable energy system”.