Colombia’s first non-conventional renewable energy tender

Despite the recognition that there is a solid pipeline of wind energy and solar power projects ready to start up a competitive renewable energy market, the Colombian authorities couldn’t award contracts in the first tender round to any of power projects that were entered. This was due to a technical issue that the bidding offers did not comply with the criteria of concentration and dominance established for the competitiveness index set for the auction.

Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) encourages the energy authorities to make it easier for more wind power projects to participate in the auction, as this will both help create sufficient momentum for the take off of the renewable energy sector at very competitive prices and ensure that projects comply with the competitiveness index. We are confident that the authorities will be able to enhance the current regulation to ensure that non-conventional renewable energy sources like wind energy will begin to fulfill their potential in the next call for the tender announced for this first semester, and thus ensure that Colombia starts to get the competitively priced, zero carbon energy it requires.