Morocco produces 35 percent of electricity from renewable energy in 2018

Morocco produced 35 percent of its electrical power in 2018 from renewable energy sources, said here on Wednesday Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development Aziz Rabbah.

Morocco switched on an additional 840 megawatt in 2018, raising the country’s renewable energy capacity to more than 3,677 megawatt, Rabbah told a press conference.

This capacity includes 700 megawatt of solar energy, 1,207 megawatt of wind energy and 1,770 megawatt of hydroelectric energy, he added.

By reaching this capacity, Morocco seems on track to meet its foreseeable goal of producing 42 percent of its electrical power from renewable energy by 2020.

The North African kingdom also aims to produce 52 percent of its electricity from clean energy by 2030.