LS to supply cables to Taiwan offshore wind power

According to the company, it has signed a deal providing the 66 kilovolt cables with a German wind power firm wpd, which is participating in the wind farm project in waters off western Taiwan.

Taiwan plans to build a 5.5-gigawatt offshore wind power facility by 2030 by pouring $23 billion, in a bid to increase the country’s reliance on renewable energy sources. The first phase of the project, scheduled to be finished by 2025, is led by European wind power firms.

The contract is for supplying 170 kilometers of high-voltage underwater cables for the offshore wind farm named Yunlin, located off the shore of Yunlin County in Taiwan.

It is the first time a Korean cable maker will ship submarine cables to Taiwan.

As part of its plan to shut down nuclear power plants by 2025 and replace them with renewable energy, Taiwan will invest USD23 billion in the construction of a 5.5-gigawatt offshore wind power facility.