Ethiopia’s fourth wind power project in progress

The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), the state agency in charge of building power projects and generating energy, is currently undertaking the construction of the country’s fourth wind power project.

The overall construction project of the 120 megawatts electric generation capacity Aysha II Wind Farm project of Ethiopia surpasses 20%, according to the last September 2018 news bulletin report of EEP.

The report indicated that work on soil studies and analysis, hydrology micro citing, design, drilling underground water, and other related activities were completed. The wind farm project will have 48 wind turbines each having a generating capacity of the 2.5 megawatts.

Ethiopia is set to become the wind capital of Africa

The construction of Aysha II was launched in June 2017 in Shenelle area of Somali Region of Ethiopia some 700 kilometers east of the Addis Ababa. Exim Bank of China has covered 85% of the of the $257.3 million project while the remaining is covered by Ethiopian government.

Ethiopia is currently generating a total of 324 megawatts of electricity from three different wind farms. These are Adama Wind Farm which is generating 51 megawatts; Adama II and Ashegoda wind farms which are generating 153 megawatts each.

Estimates show that Ethiopia has the potential of generating 1,350,000 megawatts of electricity from wind energy.