ENERCON exceeds installed capacity of 50 gigawatts of wind power

ENERCON has surpassed the symbolic milestone of 50 gigawatts with the installation of wind energy converters. The global installed wind turbines capacity record was achieved at the beginning of October during installation of wind turbines for the Mui Dinh wind farm in Vietnam. ENERCON’s global balance of installations currently amounts to more than 29,075 wind energy converters with an installed total wind power capacity of over 50,027 GW. At this time, the company is installing sixteen E-103 EP2 wind turbines in the Mui Dinh wind farm for its customer eab New Energy GmbH. Together with the Trung Nam wind farm, built at the same time, the project marks ENERCON’s entry into the Vietnamese market.


”We are delighted to have achieved this important milestone, and are proud of the fantastic performance of our whole team”, says ENERCON Sales Director Stefan Lütkemeyer. “Our installed wind energy capacity across the world now replaces the electrical power from more than 50 coal-fired power plant units. This makes a significant contribution to global climate and environmental protection.”

“Nevertheless, the 50 gigawatts are still just an interim result for us”, continues Lütkemeyer. “We’ve got a long way to go yet: climate change has not been averted, global demand for energy is rising. Demands are therefore still placed on the onshore wind energy sector to play its part in switching energy systems over to the necessary 100 percent renewable generation. We will not relax our efforts to push forward with the energy transition across the world, and also take account of areas such as transport and heating with our innovative products and solutions for integrated energy.”

ENERCON is consistently expanding its international activities at this time. The company is already active in more than 45 countries worldwide. As well as in Vietnam, ENERCON is currently entering the market in other countries, including some more in Latin America. Preparations for the first ENERCON projects are also being made in other new markets.