Inox Wind to offer 3 MW onshore wind turbines in India

Inox Wind, one of India’s leading wind energy equipment makers, said it will launch turbines with a capacity of 3 million watts (MW) each, 50% more than the typical, large turbine sold in India.

The new turbines, to be launched in technical collaboration with US-based AMSC, will help reduce power generation costs, the company said.

“The 3MW wind turbine is going to be a revolutionary product in India which would improve energy yields, reduce levelised cost of energy and offer superior performance which would help harness wind sites optimally and set new benchmarks in the Indian wind industry,” the company said.

“This product would also support the competitive tariff environment currently present under the auction regime in India.”

Inox Wind currently offers the 2 MW turbines with multiple blade and tower variants, and has a licensing agreement for the 2 MW product with AMSC.

Typical onshore wind power installations in India come with turbines of 1 to 2 MW. Off-shore installations can have towers of up to 5 MW.

The new 3 MW turbines would come with bigger blades and higher towers, INOX Wind said.

Devansh Jain, Executive Director of Inox Wind called it a “momentous occasion” for the company and said the new product would ensure that Inox Wind continues to play a crucial role in the wind turbine industry in India.

“We continue to work with AMSC as a strategic long term technology partner for our turbine offerings for the Indian market,” he said.

AMSC’s designs are found in turbines with a combined capacity of more than 15,000 MW, Inox Wind said.

Founded in 1987, the American company offers designs in the range of 2MW to 10 MW.

Inox Wind has three manufacturing plants in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

The plants near Ahmedabad and Barwani (Madhya Pradesh) manufacture blades and towers, while the hubs & nacelles are manufactured at the company’s facility at Una in Himachal Pradesh.

The company can manufacture wind power equipment with a total capacity of 1,600 MW in a year.