Naya Pakistan’s readiness for wind power, road to WWEC2018

Pakistan has become an attractive emerging wind market. With a sizable share of over 1200 MW, the market is moving from initial development towards maturity. The market is well on its way to install 400 MW of wind power during the current year which is a record in the country. Against that backdrop, Ernest & Young has ranked Pakistan as 26th most attractive renewable energy market in the world. The Government of Pakistan is organising auctions for 1200 MW of renewable energy soon. The draft new policy talks about a share of 20% for renewables in the energy mix of Pakistan in the near future.

The event will also serve as a preparatory platform for 17th World Wind Energy Conference and Expo taking place on 28-30 November 2018 in Karachi. First of its kind in the country, WWEC2018 is being organised with the support of the Government of Pakistan, which is committed to promote renewable energy. WWEC2018 will attract global renewables industry leaders representing wind turbine manufacturers, project developers, public officials, financiers, academia, and civil society organisations from across the world (