Wind power: Senvion already installed 6,000 wind turbines

Senvion to service one of the Netherland’s largest onshore wind farms

Four year service contract for 122 MW Princess Alexia wind farm.
Senvion has signed a four year renewal contract to service Vattenfall’s 122 MW Princess Alexia Wind Farm located at Zeewolde, in the Flevoland Province of the Netherlands.

Joint teams of Senvion and Vattenfall/Nuon turbine engineers will be servicing 36 Senvion 3.4M104 turbines at Princess Alexia from their base in Nijkerk.

Princess Alexia, formerly known as the Zuidlob wind farm, is fully owned by Vattenfall through its subsidiary Nuon. It is one of the biggest onshore wind farms in the Netherlands. Commissioned back in September 2013, the wind farm has the power to generate electricity for up to 88,000 households a year.

The construction of Princess Alexia was started at the end of 2011 and the entire project was completed by Senvion within 17 months.

Knud Rissel, Managing Director Europe North of Senvion, said: “We are delighted to be working with Vattenfall and Nuon at the Princess Alexia, one of Europe’s largest onshore wind farms. Our service teams will be working hard to ensure our turbines work to maximum efficiency, producing the highest yields possible.”