Namibia commissions first wind farm

Namibia’s first grid-connected wind farm that would supply 5 megawatts of electricity to the national power grid was commissioned on Thursday by the country’s Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo.

The official opening of the Ombepo wind farm by Innosun Energy Holdings in partnership with the Luderitz Town Council took place in the southern part of the country.

Speaking at the event, Alweendo said the recent development is a testimony that the enormous wind resources in this area can be harnessed to provide much needed power.

“As you all know, Namibia is still heavily reliant on importing electricity from South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, but the picture is changing slowly but surely. Solar and wind electricity are the answer and a lot has been done over the past few years which will take us on a path of electricity independence,” he added.

According to Alweendo, the country is moving towards the use of sustainable, green and clean energy as different corporations across the country have taken to harnessing the sun’s energy and solar panels can be seen on many roofs.

Alweendo said currently the Namibian government has already approved a number of policies, including the National Renewable Energy Policy, the National Energy Policy and is in the process to finalize the Independent Power Producers (IPP) policy.

These policies are all aimed at encouraging investment in Namibia’s renewable energy sector and the development of clean, green energy for our country, he added.

The Namibian government’s target is to provide 70 percent of the country’s energy mix from renewable resources by the year 2030.