Vestas strengthens global manufacturing footprint in partnership with TPI Composites for V150-4.2 MW blade production

In the continuous journey to lower the cost of wind energy and produce main components close to key markets, Vestas has further strengthened the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of its global manufacturing footprint and supply chain with a multi-year supply agreement with TPI Composites (TPI), a leading manufacturer of composite wind blades. The agreement includes producing V150-4.2 MW turbine blades for primarily Asian markets, but also global markets when applicable.

TPI will set up four manufacturing lines at their new factory in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, offering a competitive base for world-wide delivery of the V150-4.2 MW turbine through the port of Yangzhou. With production scheduled to commence in the first half of 2019, the new factory will add local jobs, spur direct and in-direct investments and expand Vestas’ manufacturing presence in China.

Vestas continues to optimise its manufacturing setup by establishing close strategic partnerships to utilise suppliers’ knowledge and experience and create a flexible and cost-effective supply chain. The announcement follows other agreements with TPI, including blade production in Mexico for Latin American markets, and adds to the already established third-party blades sourcing in China, Turkey, and Brazil.

With this agreement, TPI Composites will produce blades for Vestas’ market-leading V150-4.2 MW turbine, which uses Vestas’ longest and most advanced blades, highlighting our ability to continuously build and sustain supply chain flexibility that is critical in today’s global wind energy market. By strengthening our global manufacturing footprint, we also expand our local presence in China through the jobs in Yangzhou the new production lines create”, said Jean-Marc Lechêne, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Vestas.

We are pleased Vestas has chosen TPI as its outsourcing partner for its next generation wind turbine and we are excited to announce a significant expansion in China with a new world-class manufacturing operation for wind blades and wind blade tooling,” said Steve Lockard, President and CEO of TPI Composites.

Utilising 73.7 meter blades and the industry’s tallest steel tower, the V150-4.2 MW stretches nearly a quarter of a kilometre into the air and is one of the highest producing onshore low-wind turbine in the industry. Combined with a leading capacity factor in low wind conditions, the turbine delivers a 21 percent increase in annual energy production compared to the V136-3.45 MW.