Tri Global Energy blows past one gigawatt of wind power in 2017

Tri Global Energy, a leading U.S. originator and developer of utility-scale wind energy projects, concluded the development of over one gigawatt (GW) of wind power in 2017, involving five Texas-based wind projects across seven Texas counties. The announcement marks the highest annual development yet of wind capacity for the nine-year-old company.

One wind energy project, 155-megawatt (MW) Fluvanna I developed by Tri Global Energy, came online late 2017 and proved to be the catalyst for pushing Texas’ installed wind power capacity past coal power capacity for the first time in state history.

“We are very pleased to have reached this important milestone,” said John Billingsley, Tri Global Energy Chairman and CEO. “Texas is rich with many energy resources. Wind energy has quickly become a formidable competitor as transmission capacity and markets reform to accommodate greater usage.

“Yet the real power is in our partnerships with the local communities, which host our wind projects,” Billingsley said. “The success of our community-based business model allows us to positively impact local economies through employment opportunities and tax revenues; generate a substantial rate of return to local community investors; and provide another source of income in the form of wind royalties for both farmers and landowners and other community investors.

“Through our partnerships with the community managers and the thousands of landowners and community investors participating in our wind projects, we’ve been able to work together to bring about a high level of local support and attention for wind energy,” Billingsley said.

Tri Global Energy’s Texas wind projects represent 3,464 megawatts (MW), nearly 67 percent of the MW of all wind power projects currently being developed in the state. A total of 29,634 MW of wind projects, including those in Texas, are now under construction in the U.S.

Wind accounts for much of the electricity generated from renewable resources in Texas, which easily leads all other states in wind energy projects under construction. Globally, Texas is the sixth-biggest producer of wind electricity, following India and just ahead of the UK.