Wind power in Morocco: Siemens’ wind turbines blades plant already operational

In Morocco, Siemens’ wind turbines blades plant is already operational and is to be inaugurated on October 11, 2017. Investment agreement for the project was signed in March 2016 and the latter cost €100 million ($11,730,000).

The plant can therefore supply the 200MW windfarm led by Nareva in Boujdour (85% of its production is to be exported). The blades manufactured at the factory are made of composite materials, have a length of 63 m and are the most heavy of their kind actually produced all over the world.

Siemens’ “Integral Blade” technology is used to manufacture the wind turbines blades, making them stronger and durable.

At the moment, 600 people are employed at the plant. However, its executives plan to increase this number to 1,200 in the long term. Actually, a training centre was established by Siemens in this framework to insure that the staff employed have the appropriate skills to operate the infrastructure.