Global Wind Service (GWS) has announced the completion of the 112MW Australian wind farm

GWS was hired for completing the full installation scope which includes pre-installation, main installation and mechanical completion.

The wind farm is continuation of Hornsdale I and II. With the addition of the third wind farm, the total number of wind turbines installed now stands at 99.

The Hornsdale III wind farm includes 35 of Siemens’ 3.2MW Direct Drive turbines, and is located on a piece of land with 7500 hectares, 236km north of Adelaide in Australia.

According to Hornsdale website, as of August, all of the wind turbines have been installed and connected to the grid. Out of the 35, 30 of the mechanical and electrical activities and pre-commissioning of the turbines were completed. And, 26 out of the 35 turbines have been commissioned and have started generating electricity.

The combined output of Hornsdale I, II and III is expected to be about 1.05GWh of clean and renewable electricity, which will be fed into the national grid every year. The three wind farms are expected to generate enough electricity to be supplied to about 180,000 Australian homes.

The Hornsdale Wind Farm is located between 8km and 24km north of Jamestown in South Australia, in the locality of Hornsdale.The power generated from the the plant will flow into the national interconnected network.

ElectraNet will own and operate the connecting 275kV lines and they are used to provide a secure transmission link between Port Augusta and the Adelaide Metropolitan Area.