Enercon to launch new wind energy converters for 3MW

Enercon has unveiled details of two new types of wind energy converters for its 3MW platform (EP3), targeting sites with moderate and low winds.

The wind energy converters named as E-126 EP3 and E-138 EP3 are slated to enter production in late 2018 and late 2019, respectively. E-126 EP3 has been designed for moderate wind conditions, while E-138 EP3 is for low wind conditions.

Enercon plans to introduce the two converter types this month end at the Brazil Windpower event in Rio de Janeiro.

The wind turbine manufacturer claims that the converters come with enhanced performance and efficiency, while benefiting from optimised processes for production, installation along with transport and logistics.

Enercon WRD System Engineering director Arno Hildebrand said: “The greater efficiency will come mainly from an increase in swept area and in nominal power. The E-126 EP3 will have a rotor diameter of 127 metres and a nominal power of 3.5 MW, and is being designed for sites with moderate wind conditions in Class IIA (IEC).

“The E-138 EP3 will also have a nominal power of 3.5 MW, but with a rotor diameter of 138 metres it is intended for use at low-wind sites in Class IIIA (IEC).”

The output of the E-126 EP3 is expected to be 13% more than the current E-115 model at sites that experience moderate wind speeds of 8.0m/s at hub height.

Enercon says that its new energy convertors will come in either hybrid or tubular steel towers with hub heights in the range of 81-160m.

The German turbine manufacturer is looking to install E-126 EP3 prototype in the third quarter of 2018, while the E-138 EP3 prototype is planned to be erected in the fourth quarter of next year.