Third wind farm with 5 wind turbines operational on Curaçao

New wind farm Tera Kora II, which Aspiravi International NV has constructed together with NuCapital Incorporated on the island of Curaçao, is fully operational and produces green energy for 20,900 families. This new wind farm with 5 wind turbines has an installed capacity of 17.25 MW and is an extension of the existing wind farms Tera Kora I and Playa Kanoa.


With the construction of this third wind farm, 30% of today’s energy consumption at Curaçao is now produced by wind energy. Moreover, this means that Curaçao’s goal of obtaining 30% of its energy from renewable sources in 2020 has already been achieved today. Curaçao now holds a place in the global top 3 of countries that are forerunners in the area of renewable energy.

The realisation of this wind farm is the next step in the foreign growth of Aspiravi International NV.