Wind energy in Germany: Nordex awarded new contracts for 81 MW

In the second quarter, Nordex received contracts for the execution of a total of 13 projects with a combined capacity of 81 megawatts. These are already approved wind farms for which finance has been finalised and which are eligible for remuneration under German renewable energies legislation (EEG). The projects will be executed this year for the most part.

The delivery contracts signed last quarter are increasingly orders for the latest-generation turbines that have a capacity of more than three megawatts and a rotor diameter of greater than 130 metres. They include the first wind farms to be fitted with a 3.6 megawatt turbine.

In the late summer, Nordex will be presenting a substantially more efficient turbine to continue addressing trends in demand. The new turbine is already in the sales process.

The Group has installed wind power capacity of more than 21 GW in over 25 markets, generating sales of EUR 3.4 billion in 2016. It currently has roughly 5,000 employees. The production network comprises plants in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the United States and India. The product range primarily concentrates on onshore turbines in the 1.5 – 3.9 MW class addressing the requirements of developed as well as emerging markets.