Vestas introduces rating of 4.2 MW and three new turbine variants

The announcement introduces the fourth generation of the platform since its launch in 2010 and takes the platform’s turbine portfolio to eight turbines, including the three new variants: V117-4.0/4.2 MW, V136-4.0/4.2 MW, and V150-4.0/4.2 MW. With its introduction, the V150-4.0/4.2 MW offers the largest rotor in its class and becomes the highest yielding onshore turbine in low wind.


The upgraded platform and its versatility is the result of Vestas’ industry-leading investments in research and development and unparalleled scale and global reach, enabling Vestas to develop turbines for wind sites all across the globe. By offering customisation beyond classic wind regime classification, the 4 MW platform sets new standards for onshore wind performance within regimes ranging from very strong wind and typhoon conditions to low wind.

Anders Vedel, Vestas Chief Technology Officer, said: “With today’s announcement, Vestas unfolds even more of the platform’s potential, ensuring that we offer market-leading wind energy solutions. Building on state of art technology, the three new variants, 4.0 MW nominal rating and option of 4.2 MW Power Optimised Mode show Vestas’ ability to efficiently drive down the Levelised Cost of Energy and hereby lead the industry through changing market conditions.

Combining the industry’s tallest tower of 166 meters with the evolutionary development of a thoroughly understood platform, the V150-4.0/4.2 MW offers 20+ percent more AEP in low wind* while lowering the maximum sound level down to 104.9 dBa. The V136-4.0/4.2 MW raises the bar in medium wind conditions through increased AEP, while achieving leading sound power levels in its class with 103.9 dBa. Expanding Vestas’ unparalleled global reach, the global introduction of the V117-4.0/4.2 MW expands the 4 MW platform into strong wind or typhoon type wind conditions.

Since the platform, now named 4 MW, was first introduced with the V112-3.0 MW turbine in 2010, Vestas has installed more than 4,000 turbines across 34 countries on six continents.

4 MW platform

  • Strengthening the existing platform with three additional variants: V117-4.0/4.2 MW, V136-4.0/4.2 MW, and V150-4.0/4.2 MW, the versatile 4 MW platform now has a portfolio of eight turbine models including V105-3.45 MW, V112-3.45 MW, V117-3.45 MW, V126-3.45 MW, V136-3.45 MW, V117-4.0 MW, V136-4.0 MW, and V150-4.0/4.2 MW. It is thus the same proven platform, but more powerful than ever.
  • With more than 4,000 turbines installed across 34 countries on 6 continents, Vestas’ 4 MW platform is one of the world’s most applied and versatile turbine solutions.
  • Launched in 2010, evolutionary upgrades to the 4 MW platform have resulted in up to 56 percent increase in annual energy production (AEP) depending on wind class.
  • The 4 MW platform benefits from a high level of performance data and insights from diverse conditions: seven years of operational experience, from more than 4,000 turbine across the globe.