Learn about Floating Wind Energy and Tenders

Don’t miss out on two of the most exciting sessions at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 conference in June.
The offshore wind industry is transforming itself – floating technology and tenders are two of the motors driving this transformation.

Learn everything you need to know at our expert panel sessions:

Making floating wind energy commercially competitive

  • What is the current market situation and project status for floating wind?
  • What are the key differences between a floating wind project and a bottom-fixed one?
  • What is the future market potential of floating wind?

This session will look at on ongoing and planned projects in floating offshore wind, from the perspective of project developers, technology developers and suppliers. Learn everything you need to know about ongoing and planned projects, the market potential and cost reductions in this exciting sector.
For more information, and to see our expert panel, see here.


The role of site tendering vs. leasing in delivering cost reduction across Europe

  • How should you differentiate between differing site leasing and tendering regimes?
  • What is the relation between cost reduction and the allocation of offshore wind sites?
  • What measures should be taken to enable cost reduction?

With the recent cost reductions being witnessed across Europe, this session aims to compare how the tendering of offshore wind sites versus leasing of sites contributes to cost reduction. The audience will hear from a range of industry representatives exploring how cost reduction is being enabled and the factors that need to be considered to achieve this.

To learn more, and to see our panel of industry experts, see here.