Kongsberg Digital to provide a wind turbine independent data storage and data security solution

Fred. Olsen Renewables, Statoil and Kongsberg Digital have agreed to collaborate to verify the functionality provided by Kongsberg’s digital platform, Kognifai, at Lista Vindkraftverk

Fred. Olsen Renewables (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bonheur ASA), Statoil and Kongsberg Digital have agreed to collaborate to verify the functionality provided by Kongsberg’s digital platform, Kognifai, at Lista Vindkraftverk. Lista Vindkraftverk is fully owned by Fred. Olsen Renewables and was built with support from ENOVA.

Fred. Olsen Renewables is in cooperation with the private Fred. Olsen-affiliated company Natural Power Consultants managing and executing the service and maintenance activities on Fred. Olsen Renewables wind farms, and will test Kongsberg Digital’s solutions to verify the capability to capture and store all vital data streams. This entails storage of and access to such data and thereby gaining full and detailed information about their assets’ performance and condition.

“The data from the turbines is at the heart of our work to improve the efficiency and maintenance of our wind farm assets. The information from the sensors and systems in the turbines gives us the opportunity to review turbine performance and assess component integrity. We believe Kognifai will make the data more readily accessible and will thereby enable more advanced analyses and evaluations to be performed in real time,” says Anders Falkfjell, Head of Operation & Maintenance at Fred. Olsen Renewables.

Statoil, having several current and future operations of windfarms, also seek to ensure the same access to their own data and are partnering the project at Lista wind farm.

“Detailed knowledge about our own turbine performance and condition is vital for us in order to manage and service our assets in an optimal way. We believe that the system delivered by Kongsberg Digital is the first step towards a digital game changer for optimization of our wind farm operations through the use of data and analytics”, says Sverre Trollnes, Head of Wind Operations at Statoil.

Kongsberg Digital will provide a secure data acquisition and storage solution based on Kongsberg Digital’s proven core technologies. With Kongsberg Digital’s solutions the wind farm owner will be provided access to wind turbine information with standardized data names and semantics. The owner will have full access to, and ownership and control of all data streams, and will have the opportunity to procure monitoring and control solutions as separate parts.

“This contract on collaboration with Fred. Olsen Renewables and Statoil represents an important step for wind farm owners and operators. With the capacity for both to optimize operations and to drive predictive maintenance, data is a key asset. Access to all the data from operations will ensure more efficient wind farm operations and reduce operational costs, hence improving the competitiveness of wind as an energy source”, says Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital.

For more information, please visit: https://www.kognifai.com