Offshore wind farm in South Korea

Moventas and Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction have agreed on the Exceed deliveries to an offshore windfarm in South Korea. Doosan is an existing customer for Moventas Exceed high torque density 3MW gearboxes. Exceed series is a gearbox platform that provides a competitive edge for a wind turbine manufacturer by lowering the LCoE of wind turbines with light weight and high torque density.

The recently entered agreement concerns production and delivery of Exceed 3MW gearboxes to an offshore windfarm in South Korea by the end of second quarter in 2018.

“We are delighted to see Doosan order more Exceed for their 3MW turbine as a continuation to our strong relationship”, says Pedro Figueiras, Moventas Senior Vice President.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is a Doosan subsidiary, which owns core technologies and ongoing performance with the three core components of the power generation business – boilers, turbines and generators. Doosan was the first in Korea to develop 3MW wind power generation systems for both onshore and offshore sites.