Environmental permit of 57 wind turbines in the Åndberg wind farm gains legal force

In December 2015 Rabbalshede Kraft was granted an environmental permit for the Åndberg wind farm in the municipality of Härjedalen. The permit, comprising up to 57 wind turbines (approximately 200 MW), has now gained legal force.

The Åndberg area is largely designated by the Swedish Energy Agency as a national interest area for wind power and has very good wind resources. The application documents were submitted to the County Administrative Board in 2010. The municipality of Härjedalen subsequently approved the wind farm, which is a prerequisite for securing approval from the Country Administrative Board under the Swedish Environmental Code. The County Administrative Board in the County of Västernorrland granted the environmental permit in December 2015, the permit has now gained legal force.

The wind farm in the municipality of Härjedalen is an important investment with good conditions. The potential for production from renewable energy is very good. An establishment of this size of wind farm can provide significant positive effects and contribute to jobs and business opportunities for local people, both during the construction period, and during the operating period. Rabbalshede Kraft has in an agreement with the local people signed a rural allowance to the association “Medvind för bygden i Lillhärdal”. The mission of the association is to distribute the money on to the village in Lillhärdal.