More Hywind to Aibel

Aibel has been awarded the task of assisting Statoil with commissioning of five floating wind turbines for the Hywind Scotland project.

The assembly work will take place at Stord prior to towing the wind turbines to Scottish sector. In total, the work is estimated to approx. 13,000 hours. Aibel will work integrated with Statoil and be a part of the Statoil team at Stord. Mobilization begins in the coming week and start-up at Stord in the following week. The project has duration of approx. six months of which the last month will take place on Scottish sector. In this final phase, Aibel will primarily be responsible for removal of temporary equipment.

Hywind Pilot Park, which is being built off the coast of Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is the world’s first floating wind park.

Previously, Aibel has been responsible for engineering of substructures and towers, system engineering and procurement for Hywind Scotland. In addition, Aibel has a function as fabrication support at the yards in Spain.

Towers and substructures are manufactured in Spain at Navacel and Navanita/Windar, respectively. Nacelles, hub and rotor are delivered by Siemens.