Large wind power plant to be built in Russia

Vassily Golubev, Governor of the Rostov region, has signed an order on allocation of 133 hectares of land to the “Azovsky VES” company for the construction of a wind power plant for 10 bln roubles (about $167 m).

As Construction.RU has been told by the regional press office, the power plant with the capacity of 90 MW will be the largest in Russia. The construction work and the equipment of the plant will cost 10 bln roubles ($167m). The land plot is allocated to the developer for 10 years without a tender.

The plant will be erected on the territory previously assigned for the construction of the “Azov City” gamble zone. The plant is planned to be put in operation and to start delivering electric energy to the market in 2020.

To remind you, the project is implemented by an affiliate company of the «SoWiTec operation GmbH» German energy holding. The agreement about the project was signed at the Sochi investment forum in 2012.