Why are Fortune 500 companies buying wind power?

As you’re frantically trying to carve out time for holiday shopping like I am, wind power is far from your thoughts – but it’s almost certainly on your list.

More than ever, wind is powering the products and services that help Americans make memories and spread holiday cheer.

Many of America’s most recognized brands are overwhelmingly choosing wind as a power source. Some have even committed to go 100 percent renewable.

Figure 4 (2)

Hannah Hunt, AWEA Senior Analyst and lead author of a new report out today, Evolution of the Corporate Wind PPA: Market Insights, explains why, where and how the Fortune 500 choose to buy wind energy:

“Wind power is a great deal, providing some of the least expensive electricity out there. With no fuel cost, buyers know up front what price they will pay for wind energy 10 or 20 years down the road.”

If you want to learn more, the report is available for download here:  http://www.awea.org/evolution-of-corporate-wind-ppa-market-insights