Gamesa secures début order for its new 3.3 MW platform, specifically the supply of 198 MW in Mexico

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, has achieved an important milestone in its sales and product strategy, having secured the first order for its new G132-3.465 MW turbine, which guarantees the lowest cost of energy across a broad spectrum of sites.

The company has secured an order from a power utility for the supply of 198 MW at one of its wind developments in Mexico. Specifically, Gamesa has been contracted to install 57 of its G132-3.465 MW turbines.


The 3.3 MW platform, power and technological excellence
The new platform, unveiled  one year ago, builds from the technology proven in the company’s 2.0 MW and 2.5 MW platforms, by leveraging the same mechanical and electrical systems but boosting nominal capacity.

Offering the most compelling cost of energy in its segment, the G132-3.465 MW, part of the company’s 3.3-MW platform, guarantees maximum output at medium and medium-low wind speed sites. This turbine comes in four different tower heights, ranging from 84 to 134 metres, so that it can be tailored for each region’s specific requirements and wind ranges.

Moreover, this new turbine’s blade, which is made from fiberglass and spans 64.5 metres, features a new family of aerodynamic edges which increase annual output while minimising noise emissions.

As a result of this combination of technologies, this model delivers 50% and 30% more energy than the G114-2.0 MW and G114-2.5 MW (similarly both turbines for class II winds), respectively.

The first prototype was installed at the R&D facility in Alaiz, Navarra at the end of the summer, while serial production is scheduled to begin in 2017.

These turbines contribute to the effort to contain climate change: a wind farm equipped with a similar number of turbines generates enough power to supply a town of around 300,000 inhabitants.

Gamesa in Mexico
Since it began to do business in Mexico back in 1999, Gamesa has installed 1,100 wind turbines nationwide, cementing its position as the leading OEM in this market according to the most recent rankings compiled by MAKE Consultancy. The company has also been an active player in the wind farm development and operation and maintenance segments.