Wind power in France: Vestas wind turbines for for three wind farms

French energy group EDF Énergies Nouvelles has placed firm and unconditional orders for a total of 112 MW for the 72.6 MW Champagne Picardie project, the 19.8 MW La Carnoye wind park and the 20 MW Bois de Belfays project, consisting of V126-3.45 MW, V117-3.45 MW and V90-2.0 MW turbines respectively. The wind parks will be located in the French regions of Picardie, le Pas de Calais and Les Vosges with turbine delivery planned for the second quarter of 2017.

The contract for Bois de Belfays includes a 20-year Active Output Management Agreement (AOM) 4000 service agreement; while Champagne Picardie and La Carnoye include two-year AOM 4000 service agreements to optimise wind turbine performance and leverage the power plant’s production.

Marco Graziano, President of Vestas Mediterranean, said “EDF EN’s new orders show that our partnership is solid and highlight how Vestas’ versatile product portfolio includes wind solutions for sites across all wind classes. We are very pleased that the orders also see EDF EN adding the V126-3.45 MW to their broad turbine portfolio”.

The Master Supply Agreement between Vestas and EDF Énergies Nouvelles includes onshore wind turbine installations in Europe and United States during the period 2016-2019. As of today, Vestas has delivered 3.14 GW globally and 296 MW in France to EDF Énergies Nouvelles.