WindEurope gathered 90 wind energy experts to discuss wind turbine sound

WindEurope gathered 90 wind energy experts for a two-day workshop in Gdansk, Poland, to discuss the latest developments on wind turbine sound.

The 3rd edition workshop addressed the characteristics of sound from wind turbines, its impact on humans and how this applies to low frequency and infrasound.

Presentations addressed practical and operational issues such as how to accurately measure wind turbine sound. This is essential in optimising wind farm design so that compliance with local noise rules doesn’t incur heavy production losses. Results of experiments to reduce blade noise inspired by bionics and aerospace research were also presented.

The workshop hosted a preliminary meeting of a new IEA Wind Task on quiet wind turbine technology with the aim of bringing together experts in the field. With participants from 20 countries, including China, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, the workshop had a global reach.

WindEurope has organised technology workshops since 2011. These events bring together experts from industry and academia to build bridges with other communities.  The aim is to help solve the technological challenges faced by the industry in areas such as resource assessment, wind farm operations, wind turbine sound and wind power forecasting.