Hill op-ed explains why wind power is a win-win this election season

In an op-ed published today in The Hill, the Christian Coalition and the Young Conservatives for Clean Energy Reform joined AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan in outlining why supporting wind energy should be high up on the list of candidates this fall, especially among conservatives:

“…conventional wisdom says Democrats are typically consistent supporters of clean energy, while Republicans aren’t. That notion actually doesn’t match up with reality…For example, widely-respected, and reliably conservative, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has shown visionary leadership in creating and advocating for the Production Tax Credit (PTC), a fundamental part of why we have a modern U.S. wind industry today…It’s also not widely known that wind power supports well-paying jobs and invests in 75 percent of all Republican districts in the U.S.”

The op-ed comes as the three groups prepare to join alongside hundreds of young conservatives, several other renewable energy groups, and over a dozen dozen Republican U.S. Senators and Representatives to rally in support of clean energy.

As wind energy has grown to supply a record-high amount of electricity, enough for 20 million American homes, and jobs (88,000), more and more voters are stating their support for growing low-cost, homegrown wind power.

Just check out the graphic below highlighted just a few of wind power’s benefits.


For more information about the upcoming Conservative Energy Summit scheduled for next Thursday, September 22, visit http://yc4er.org/events/energy-summit-2016/