Completion for Eurus Energy Group’s second wind power project in South America

Eurus Energy Group’s second wind farm project in Uruguay, has achieved full operation condition on August 2016.  This project is called Florida 2 and as well as previous Minas Project, it has been promoted by Akuo Energy SAS, the leading French green IPP (through its subsidiary Akuo Energy Uruguay SAS), and Eurus group (through its subsidiary Eurus Energy America Corporation).  The facility is installed with 15 Vestas wind turbines (Vestas V117), each rated at 3,3 MW or total output capacity of 50 MW, and is located in the south of Uruguay, northeast from the capital Montevideo in Florida City.

In less than 10 years, Uruguay has reduced significantly its carbon footprint without any government subsidies.  Nowadays, renewable energy including hydro accounts today almost 95% of the country electricity.  Within year 2018, Uruguay will reach target of about 1500 MW of wind energy.

This wind farm is Eurus Energy’s fourth project in the southern hemisphere following the one in Australia and Minas in Uruguay.  Eurus Energy Group will continue to promote further activity development of wind farm business in Uruguay.