New major assignment for Wind Innovation

Dutch offshore shipping company, C-bed Floating Hotels, presents a new major assignment for their DP2 Walk-2-Work vessel, Wind Innovation.

Wind Innovation is the result of the extensive conversion of a former seismic survey vessel into a floating four-star hotel and project basecamp. Next year, she will play an integral part in the installation phase of a new 400-MW offshore wind farm in the German North Sea.

The project kicks-off during January 2017 and Wind Innovation is applied on a 7-10 months contract. Thereby, C-bed will assist in the full installation and commissioning phase of 67 offshore wind turbines.
Recent upgrade allows accommodation of 105 passengers

Wind Innovation holds a Comfort Class 3 certification and was recently further upgraded to accommodate an additional 15 passengers. Thereby, she now offers accommodation for a total 105 passengers in 80 cabins. With this high number of hotel beds, Wind Innovation distinguishes herself from ordinary Service Operation Vessels, which normally only have hotel facilities for approx. 40 passengers.
Flemming Hjorth, Senior Sales Executive, says:

“We made a significant investment in connection with acquiring and rebuilding Wind Innovation. Therefore, I am pleased to acknowledge a great interest in our vessel from offshore wind operators and to see that this tailor-made vessel makes a real difference for the offshore workers during the installation phase. We’ll keep adding new features to Wind Innovation ensuring she remains state-of-the-art when it comes to offshore hotel and project solutions.”