Wind power in Brazil: Ceara gives prelim licence to 972 MW wind farm

Semace gave a preliminary licence to a 972.4 MW wind power project. The licence proves that the execution of the scheme is environmentally feasible which in turn enables the project to take part in Brazil’s energy auctions.


The Complexo Eolico Ibiapaba Sul, as it is named, will consist of 442 pieces of 2.2-MW wind turbines that will form 29 wind farms. The project, owned by local company Omega Desenvolvimento de Energia 1 SA, will cover an area of 2,400 ha (5,930.52 acres) in four different cities.

This is one of the country’s largest wind projects. Currently, Brazil has 9.96 GW of wind parks in operation and a further 8.4 GW under construction, according to the Brazilian Wind Energy Association.

Once in operation, the Ibiapaba Sul complex will account for over 10% of the country’s current wind power production, the government said.