Morocco launches wind farm to address needs of industrial firms

The first private wind farm in Morocco will be launched in the northern city of Tangiers in September 2017, local media reported on Wednesday.

Moroccan news site said the 120 MW windfarm will be built on the ridge of the Jbel Sendouq, mountainous area located approximately 50 km east of Tangiers.

In June 2010, Morocco adopted Law 13-09 which allows the private ownership, sell production of renewable energy projects in the country.

The law is part of a larger environmentally conscious effort across the North African country to go green.

Owned by the Saudi Consortium of ACWA Power and the Moroccan group of UPC renewables, the windfarm will require a total of 170 million U.S. dollars investments.

The windfarm will address primarily the needs of industrial firms in Morocco, the same source noted.

The Morocco’s government has committed to producing approximately 10 percent of its power from wind resources.

Morocco ranks alongside Costa Rica, Bhutan and Ethiopia as one of the world’s greenest countries, a fact partially due to its ambitious goals to crackdown on carbon emissions.

Recent sustainability measures have turned the country into a green leader among developing nations, and its city of Marrakesh will host a global climate change conference in November 2016.