Google Wind Energy Coming to Norway and Sweden

Google have been heavily investing in the renewable energy sector for quite some time now.

This has become apparent with their purchasing of various wind farms across the globe, including their recent investment in Kenya’s largest ever wind farm.  Now, it seems that Google are not making healthy contributions to projects in both Norway and Sweden, and they haven’t even yet been built.

Two wind farms that are currently under construction have been captured by Google who have bought the farms’ entire output in its push to becoming 100% renewable energy focused. Norway’s 50 turbine wind farm will be located near Stavanger and is due to be completed by late 2017.  This extensive wind farm will be the largest of its kind in the country.  The second wind farm to dedicate its generated power to Google will be located in central Sweden, near Mariestad and is due to be operational in 2018.

At a combined rate of energy, these two wind farms are set to bring 236 megawatts of power and the output of these particular sites are going to be used to power Google’s data centers in Europe.  With the addition of these two recent purchases, Google are well on target to achieving their vision of being 100 percent renewable power and have already purchased over 2.2 gigawatts of renewable energy.  Their investment level has also nearly reached $2.5 billion in its commitment to green energy projects.  That puts Google pretty high on the list of people looking out for us and our planet, and at the same time it also makes them one of the largest corporate investors in renewable energy in the world, which is definitely a title they can be pleased with.