New RWE subsidiary to be named innogy

It’s curtains up for innogy – colourful, cheerful and innovative. This is the new brand of the RWE subsidiary, which pools the German and international Renewables, Grid & Infrastructure and Retail business. CEO Peter Terium: “The energy market of the future is green, decentralised and digital – that’s what our new brand stands for. innogy is colourful, flexible, full of energy and creative ideas. We are restructuring the Group as we want to be trailblazers for a sustainable and modern energy supply – with a new image, strong colours and new wind in our sails. This is innogy.”
The name itself is made up of the words “innovation” and “energy” and “technology”. The logo is a symbol of identification and is made up of an “i” for innogy and the name itself. Terium: “I liked the concept a lot from the outset. The very first time I saw our new brand image, I loved it. Our very colourful and dynamic brand is rather atypical for the energy industry. But that makes us unique.”
When developing the new brand the company focused in particular on versatility: the new “i” is animated in films and presentations and its agility stands for flexibility. In line with this, there is not only one specific brand colour – the brand will be presented in a number of very different colour environments. Terium: “The brand has as many facets as the dynamic surroundings in which we move today. Markets, players and game rules are changing. Our future competitors could be Tesla, Google and Apple. We want to have a strong say in this environment and be a leading player – with flexibility, innovative strength and creativity. That’s what innogy stands for.”
CEO Peter Terium and COO Retail Martin Herrmann have already presented the new brand to the in total some 60,000 employees of the new subsidiary and RWE AG in the form of a Group-wide internal video chat. In addition, to present the extraordinary colour landscape of the new brand, innogy lit up such large-scale surfaces as the Grugahall in Essen yesterday. (Note for media representatives: the second illumination will take place this evening, 29 June 2016 just after sundown). The RWE participants in the sixth company run in Essen this evening will also be wearing the new brand on their running shirts. Brand launch events are also planned at other German locations and internationally. The first larger-scale international event is planned for the International Film Festival in Karlsbad at the beginning of July.

Within the RWE Group, the name innogy previously stood solely for the business area of Renewables. In future, the brand will also represent the business areas of Grid & Infrastructure and Retail in Germany and internationally. In addition, the name will be given a new and modern interpretation. A successful combination of the established and the new, according to Terium: “We put a lot of work into the consideration of a number of very different names. However, in the end we always came back to the realisation that innogy expresses what we want to stand for – for innovation and technology in the energy sector. We are absolutely convinced that innogy was the right choice.”
After the official launch and the initial presentation today, the formal renaming will take place on
1 September 2016. Then the company as well as its products and services will be rebranded. Until then,
the subsidiary will continue to bear the temporary name RWE International SE. The brand will be
launched according to countries and regions: in Germany and the Czech Republic, the brand will be rolled
out on 1 September, in Poland on 2 September 2016. Slovakia will follow on 1 October 2016. Further
countries will follow in 2017 and subsequent years.
RWE AG will stay with its strong RWE brand. This stands for a long and proud tradition of engineering
expertise, security of supply, reliability and partnership.

RWE International SE (innogy) is one of the leading European energy companies. With its three business areas of Renewables,
Grid & Infrastructure as well as Retail, it addresses the requirements of a modern, decarbonised, decentralised and digital energy
world. The focus of RWE International SE (innogy)’s activities is on offering existing and potential customers innovative and
sustainable products and services which enable them to use energy more efficiently and improve their quality of life. The key
markets are Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and several countries in Central Eastern and South Eastern
Europe, especially the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. In renewable power generation, the company is also active in other
regions, e.g. Spain and Italy. The new subsidiary of RWE AG was launched on 1 April 2016. On 29 June 2016, the name of the
European stock company was announced: innogy. The new name will take formal effect as of 1 September 2016, at which time
the company as well as its products and services will be rebranded. Until then, the subsidiary will continue under the name RWE
International SE.
The innogy brand name is a symbiosis of the terms innovation, energy and technology. Based on the combined segment figures
for 2015, the company would have an EBITDA of some €4.5 billion and employ about 40,000 of the current some 60,000-strong
workforce of RWE AG once the founding phase is complete.